What Kind of Oil Does My Car Take? Conventional, Synthetic Blend or Full Synthetic?

What kind of oil does my car take?

What kind of oil does my car take?

Every owner of any vehicle was at least once wondering “what exactly kind of oil does my car need?”. Before you get your answer you should know two different things about car oils. First of all, there are exists three types of motor oils: conventional, synthetic blend and full synthetic oil. When you know about those three types of oils you can choose what exactly type of oils you need. Here you will find out what kind of oil does your car take and we do a great hope will find out a lot of good and important information about these different types of oils.

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Conventional, Synthetic Blend or Full Synthetic?

What kind of oil does my car take: Conventional, Synthetic Blend or Full Synthetic?

It is clear that all oil change service centers will base their oil change price list on the type of oils that is going to be used when performing the oil change on your vehicle. So what way you will choose the type of oils you need in? In general, in a case of luxury or a sports car, you will need the most expensive oil which is considered to be full synthetic one. The second case is if your car has over 75,000 miles, then you need Synthetic Blend and others vehicles then aren’t in those two categories will be good dealing with Conventional oil.

Also, it is very important to remember that all cars can use the most expensive Full Synthetic oil, but not all cars can use the cheapest one (conventional oil). Of course, you can say that then there is no need to use the most expensive Full synthetic oil for my car that not required it.

What kind of oil does my car take — all information is on this page

But you’d better know that full synthetic oils are a better option for every car and, more to that, full synthetic oils last longer so as a result, you will not have to bring your car to the auto service for the oil change so often as with using of conventional oils. Please, remember: that now many new nonluxury/sports manufacturers have started recommending full synthetic oil for their cars so if you want to find out which type of oils you is needed for your vehicle, the best way is to check your car’s manual.

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Motor Oil Viscosity Grades

Such numbers like SAE 40, 5w-30, 20-W50, 15W-40 aren’t new for you? This means that you ever wondered to look at the motor oil options at your local auto parts center. What does these numbers mean? It means oil viscosity in layman term. You should know that the thicker the oil is then the higher viscosity and the slower it will go.  It is a good information, isn’t it? But now think “so what kind of oils my vehicle take?” If your plan was to take the car to service center then don’t worry, they will know the oil viscosity needed for your car. In case if you are planning to make oil change yourself then for a safe of your vehicle, look at your cars manual.

Sometimes it happens that you don’t have your car manual in front of you, so Google your car’s year and model oil type with viscosity. Just look, typing “2006 Honda accord oil type and viscosity” in Google will bring you information about type of oils and oil viscosity is needed for 2006 Honda Accord. And in case if you are going to buy oil at your local auto service, they will give you the book where you can check the information you need for your vehicle.

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