Volvo Oil Change Cost

Every Volvo owner understands all the responsibility taken for driving a famous brand vehicle. Thus, it’s highly recommended to follow all the guidelines and recommendations given by the manufacturer. If you wish your oil to be changed, you need to contact your local Volvo dealership. In this case, you can be sure you will get the high-quality service at the most reasonable price rates. Feel free to have a look at the cost in chart below.

Volvo Oil Change Cost

Description Cost
Conventional $34.99
Synthetic Blend $49.99
Full Synthetic $65.99

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Is there any way to save money on my Volvo oil change?


You can check the list of services and cost of your local Volvo service center on the official website. In addition, you can always check the best deals and special offers delivered by your local dealer, in order to save the most money.

Some more information


The Volvo Group is the Swedish automaker founded in the year 1927. The company, founded by Assar Gabrielsson and Gustav Larson, was primarily located in Sweden and other Nordic countries. Later on, the Volvo market geography was significantly expanded. These days, the company covers the large share of the global automobile industry. Thus, you can easily find cars, buses, trucks, and other vehicles of this brand all over the world.

The cars are designed to resist the low temperatures and other harsh weather conditions. Thus, their vehicles are very durable within various environmental conditions. If you took the decision to become the owner of a this car, be ready to get a more than pleasing driving experience. Just don’t forget that this car, like any other vehicle, requires maintenance and control on the regular basis.

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