Transmission Oil Change

Transmission oil change

Transmission Oil Change fluid cost

This service is one of the underestimated types of vehicle maintenance. Some people even don’t know that such service exists, and how important it is for auto long lasting.

The lacking transmission fluid can cause the failure that can cause even more serious technical issues.

Such consequences lead to a very expensive replacement process, that can put your car out of commission for several days or even weeks. Thus, the fluid should be replaced on regular basis to ensure a long life for transmissions.

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How often is a transmission oil change needed?


According to the manufacturer guidelines, a fluid needs to be flushed and replaced at around 100,000 to 150,000 miles. However, many mechanics disagree with suggested interval, saying that oil change is required every 50,000 miles if you wish the maximum longevity and performance for your auto.

It doesn’t take much effort to put extra wear in case of driving a vehicle in the city. Check the fluid easily by means of dipstick under your hood – it should be in red tones. The darker fluid is the more deteriorated it is and the more flushed it should be.

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What is the cost?

What is the transmission fluid changing cost?

The transmission fluid change cost can vary significantly depending on the make, model and year of your vehicle. Not all transmissions are crafted equally, but some of them require more labor or more fluid than others. The cost may also differ from each other. If you need more accurate information on your fluid changing service, call service center to get a quote tailored particularly to your vehicle. For instance, the cost will vary from region to region, what may influence the cost.

To make this service as easy as possible, we made up a list of service centers which offer such services:

  • Valvoline
  • Jiffy Lube

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