Sears Oil Change Prices

Sears Oil Change Prices

The change of oil is essential for every person who drives a car, and this necessity does not depend on the car type one possesses. It may be surprising for some people to find out that Sears is not only one of the famous brands we encounter in the mall, but also the owner of seven hundred Auto Centers around the United States of America. This is one of plenty of services offered by Sears Auto Center.

Certainly, each driver is worried about oil change prices. The company uses three kinds of oils, so it is reasonable that the prices will primarily be built upon the type of oils needed by the car.

The cost of Sears oil change is also different in various locations. It is influenced by such factors as labor cost, prices for goods, and the cost of life in a specific area.

*****Above-mentioned Sears oil change prices include filling up the tank to five quarts of oils. The prices may be a little higher if your car requires more than 5 quarts of oils.

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More About Sears Oil Change

Sears Change Prices

1) Valvoline Premium Conventional

This is the basic Sears motor oils type, that has the lowest prices. With its help the engine will function for a longer time, wear of the engine will be reduced, and sediment in the engine will be prevented.

2) MaxLife Synthetic Blend

These are Sears motor oils of medium quality. It can be considered a balanced option. It can control the volume of oils required for your car engine well-functioning. In addition, it also helps to prevent the possible loss of oils.

3) SynPower Full Synthetic

This type belongs to the premium Sears category. It is the highest quality oils one can use in a personal vehicle. Thus, Synthetic motor oils not only protect the engine from high temperatures, but also provides your engine with low temperatures start-up protection. The engine is more protected and performs better. Even though, this type has the highest prices, it is definitely worth to use it if your engine requires protection from possible damages.

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The technicians proceed with the oil change in the following steps:

  • Lubricate the chassis if needed;
  • Top off power steering and windshield washer fluids free of charge;
  • Inflate tires to recommended PSI for free;
  • Conduct free inspection and visually check such parts as: brakes, brake fluid, brake fluid level, wiper blades, auto belts, tires, air filters, and struts.

If you are contemplating the change of your oil at Sears, we suggest that you contact your local Sears Auto Center and set up an appointment to minimize waiting time.

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