Sears Auto Center Service

Sears Auto Center Service

Sears Auto Center Service Prices

Sears Auto Center service is claimed to be one of the most iconic retail chains in the USA. You can find the full packed services offered by their department stores – full-service auto maintenance and repair center. Coming to Sears Auto Center service you will get such qualified service as brake repair, electrical system repairs, maintenance, oil change and others. In case if you need to buy some car parts, you are lucky as Sears Auto Center sells automotive parts and other preferred national brand parts. Check the whole list of Sears Auto Center services below with prices. Click HERE to find out Sears Oil Prices.

Maintenance Service | Prices
Courtesy Multi-Point Inspection Free
Steering and Suspension Evaluation Free
Courtesy Alignment Check Free
Starting and Charging System Evaluation $19.99
Brake Evaluation $15.00
Brake Fluid Exchange $39.99
Conventional Oil Change (Filter Included) $29.99
MaxLife Oil Change (Filter Included) $44.99
Synthetic Oil Change (Filter Included) $59.99
Transmission Fluid Exchange $109.99
Battery Installation $9.99
Diehard Battery Service $19.99
Fuel System Cleaning $84.99
Air Conditioning System Recharge $124.99
Coolant/Antifreeze Exchange
($3.50 Shop fees excluded)
Power Steering Fluid Exchange $54.99
Differential Fluid Exchange ($3.50 Shop fee excluded) $44.99
Install Strong Arm Each $10.00
Alignment-Chassis Service | Prices
6 Month Alignment $84.99
1 Year Alignment $114.99
3 Year Alignment $164.99
Tire Service | Prices
Tire Rotation $15.00
Tire Repair (Fix Leak) $20.00
90 Day Tire Balancing $11.99
Lifetime Tire Balancing $13.00

More about Sears Auto Center Service

At the present time, the company counts 696 Auto Center service points and 34 locations which are considered to be independent. You should know that there 16 Auto Center service points which are located in Kmart Stores.

Very comfortable thing for you is that using official Sears Auto Center website you can easily pay for service, ordered parts or, in case if you need, order schedule service appointments.

Just forget that Sears Auto Center hours are from 8 am till 6 pm from Monday to Saturday, and only on Sunday, it works from 10 am to 5 pm. Just keep in mind that during holidays and some other factors the schedule can vary.

More about Sears Auto Center Founder

Founded in 1886 Sears was named by Richard Warren Sears and co-founded by Alvah Curtis Roebuck. Starting from the beginning stage Sears was just a mail-order catalog business. But after in 1925, they’ve started to commence into the retail store market. Since that time they’ve opened thousands of store markets, not only expanding from primarily urban locations but also foraying into shopping malls. Sears did the partnership with such companies as Allstate Insurance Company, Craftsman, DieHard, and Kenmore.

Being headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Sears is operating 926 full-size stores in the USA as well as 301 in Canada, and 66 in Mexico. Earnings of Sears reach more than 21,6 billion and is owned by Sears Holdings what makes Sears is the 13th the largest retailer in the USA. Sears Holdings became a multinational holding company that employs nearly a quarter of a million people in 2014.

An interesting fact is that Sears was making the historical construction of the world’s tallest building at that time in 1974. It was called the Sears-Tower that was taller than the World Trade Centers in New York City. This iconic building was a part of Chicago’s skyline and became a piece of Americana history. Now the Sears-Tower is renamed into the Willis Tower since 2009.

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