How to Remove Plasti-Dip

We have already wrote an article about the new phenomenon in the car modding scene that is called Plasti-Dipping. After we’ve got a lot of questions where people ask us how to remove it from the car. In fact, Plasti-Dip is very easy to remove – you just need to peel it off from your car.

Though, while removing Plasti Dip you can face with few things that can make it bit “difficult”, means you will get some new extra things to do for removing it from your vehicle.

In case if the dip was applied too thinly so it can’t be peeled. That’s why we created this article to tell you how the best to remove your Plasti Dip. There is few ways to solve this issue. We recommend you for Plasti Dip remover Dip Dissolver. It will re-liquefy the coat of Plasti-Dip which is too thin for just Plasti-Dip remover. At you can easily buy your Dip Dissolver.

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Yes, we just said you can remove your Plasti Dip by using Dip Dissolver, but there are some other things for it exists. It is possible to use and other solvents for removing it. But you have to remember that one must consider the potential damage to the underlying paint so we recommend you to choose solvents properly. One of popular alternative to Dip Dissolver is WD-40.

You just need to spray onto the Plasti-Dip and after you will get a result in cleaning separation from the old paint and the Plasti-Dip. WD-40 works very similar (even same) like Dip Dissolver. Another thing for removing Plasti-Dip is goof off. All those methods are good as you get the result that you wanted – you will peel your Plasti Dip off. We Do a great hope that our article helped you to remove your Plasti Dip.

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20 thoughts on “How to Remove Plasti-Dip

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