Plasti Dipping Review

Plasti Dipping Review

There is almost no one left who didn’t hear about the new phenomenon in the cosmetic car modification – and this is Plasti Dipping. Plasti Dipping is based on coating that resembles rubber in texture and in general appearance. Many of people will say that they find it aesthetically appealing, but in fact the appearance is not only the draw as the practice shows us. It is as well provides a high protective function, and you would like to know that can be peeled off at any time to reveal the original paint unharmed.

Plasti Dipping Review

Plasti Dip will hold up to their influence as is very protective. You are able to Plasti Dip your car wheel rims, entire car, and any combination of parts desired by using tape. The price is worth and fair to do it, so go ahead!

For every of the car’s owner it is good to know all sides of a product, and bad as well. First of what you should know is that Plasti Dip life continuation – it keeps only (in most cases) 1-3 years, after you will need to refresh.

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As well you will need to remake it in case if you decided to change the color of the car. Plus to the information you’ve already got, remember that gasoline will break down the Plasti Dip coating upon contact.

In case if you decided to have Plasti Dip of your car, or Plasti Dip rims, you have to have a complete and detailed hand washing of your car. This, of course, means tan alcohol bath, ensuring every piece of dirt and dust that is going to be scrubbed from the car.


For Plasti Dipping you will need Plasti Dip spray, but in case if you Plasti Dip the whole car, it is not recommended to use Plasti Dip spray cans.

But, it is recommended in case if you Plasti Dip your wheels. If you Plasti Dipping the whole car you will have to use an industrial sprayer, with gallon containers of Plasti Dip spray. Vehicle DIY Plasti-Dip kits for Plasti-Dip rims, Plasti-Dip motorcycles, and Plasti-Dip cars can be found at It is available to order small, large, or even the gallon at The company offers as well cleaners, spray guns and enhancer kits. You will be glad to know that they run some discounts as well. We highly recommend plasti dip!

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