Pep Boys Oil Change Prices and Coupons

Pep Boys Oil Change

Pep Boys Oil Change Prices and Coupons

Pep Boys service chain covers 798 stores and more than 7000 service bays in 35 states. The company was claimed one of 500 fastest growing US companies in 2005. As it is so popular and known because of its good and proper customer service, Pep Boys oil change prices are a bit higher than in other companies.

Such high-quality oils like Mobile 1, Premium Plus Pennzoil Platinum and Castrol Edge Synthetic are performed in Pep Boys bikes service centers. In case if you want to get an oil change, their service offers premium brands for their conventional oils.

Courtesy Vehicle Inspection involves checking the following:

  • Fluid Levels (Oils, Coolant, Brake, Power Steering, Washer and Automatic Transmission where applicable)
  • Filters (Air and Cabin)
  • Under-hood Visual Check (Battery Check, Belts, Houses, Exhaust and Lift Support)
  • Wiper Blades
  • Visual Brake System
  • Visual Steering and Suspension System
  • Lighting System (headlamps, parking lights, license plate light, turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights and other applicable lights)

Pep Boys Coupons and How to save money on your Pep Boys Oil Change?

The prices for Oil Change vary by using Pep Boys Coupons and different promotions. We advise you to check their specials/coupons online at official website where you will be able to see the whole current running specials, promotions, and coupons. With the only one click HERE you will find out yourself on their page to look through all running promotions that will reduce the prices.

In case if they don’t have any ongoing promotions, don’t be sad as there is always a good chance they will be running some other ones next week. So keep checking official website for online coupons, promotions, and best prices.

Pep Boys Services

An amount of performed services in Pep Boys service centers is huge: from a wide selection of automotive accessories to vehicle waxing accessories, electronics, oils and others. Though, Pep Boys cares about customers savings so offer several alternative economical promotions packages such as Rewards, Gift Cards, Credit Card, Pepguard Warranty and FREE Emission Warranty.

For those customers who need solving problems or some issues online the company also added online service requests. This allows getting consulting in the fastest way. Pep Boys became growing into such branch as automotive aftermarket service – buy-for-resale, do-it-yourself and do-it-for-me.

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  1. Jeff said:

    Everyone knows that it is impossible to avoid car service, so like it or not but everyone should accept prices for service. You must be prepared, so you can find the prices on the website and get to know whether there is a chance to make prices lower. Offers and prices are posted on this service.

  2. Tom said:

    Here are the best prices if we compare with other famous car services. Prices include professional car care, friendly staff, transparent deals and rapid reaction. If some options turn out to be overcharged, you can get a great discount and reduce the prices. Remember that you deal with the car and safety, so don’t seek for small prices and pure service.

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