Panaflex Tint Review: Heat Rejection And UV Protection Glasses


Panaflex tint: what are the UV protection glasses?

The market is full of window tints, but only some of them claim to do what Panaflex tint does. Panaflex tint reaches superior heat rejection and 99% UV protection glasses by means of ceramic film. In case you add Panaflex tint to your car, you shouldn’t worry about color fading, as the film lasts a very long time and has a lifetime warranty. In case you add Panaflex tint to your car costs, it may cause a lot of claims. We put such claims to the check, so here are the results.

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Heat Rejection

Panaflex Tint UV protection glasses

The auto tint shops offer a heat lamp where you can put your hand and insert a regular glasses to demonstrate the process when the heat passes through the ordinary glasses. Afterward, they will insert Panaflex tinted (UV protection) glasses between your hand and the heat lamp and will show you the lack of the heat passing through the glasses.

Nevertheless, do not expect that the car will keep a nice color after leaving your car in 90-degree weather for several hours. The temperature of your car left on the sun will most likely remain the same as when the car is left without Panaflex tint.

It was noticed that in 90-degree weather when the car is cooled it can be much easier to lower the temperature inside the care. Thus, you don’t have to set you A/C blowing higher than usually. In addition, when the interior of the car is cool enough, the windows stay cool too by comparison to non Panaflex tinted windows. So it’s considered that the Panaflex tint keeps the function of maintaining a cool interior of the car.

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Panaflex UV Protection and Quality


UV protection glasses

What is UV protection? Many of us saw the picture of the truck driver demonstrating the possible damage that can be caused to one’s face by the UV rays delivered through regular (not UV protection) glasses. Panaflex UV protection is just impressive and is able to block out UV rays. What is more, my car looks better now thanks to the high quality of the tint. I cannot comment on the longevity or fading claims, but it shouldn’t be our major concern considering the lifetime warranty.

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The tinted glasses provide good UV protection

Even though Panaflex window tint can be much higher in price, it’s definitely worth it. Of course, it depends on your expectations. For instance, it helps reduce heat in your car if your A/C is on, but it won’t keep your car cool if you forget to turn on your A/C.

The lifetime warranty serves as the best guarantee of Panaflex tint high quality, so you won’t have to replace it that often. Even though the glasses have more than enough good UV protection at much lower prices. The UV protection glasses is the right choice if you want to pay just once and stay satisfied for a long time.

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