Nearly Double 2014 Ford Fusion

Nearly Double 2014 Ford Fusion

The Super Bowl of 2013 was tracked all over the States so most attentive viewers are probably aware of the Nearly Double commercial program of the Ford Company which was presented there. The new Fusion Hybrid turned out to be a modern car that featured all the benefits of a hybrid engine with its low consuming.

Those two Ford ads from the Super Bowl can make everyone believe in this car, the commercial company achieved the success.

If you want proofs, just make a request on the web for the cheapest place to get oil changes near me, go there and ask a mechanic whether the Fusion is really so good. In most cases, you will receive an affirmative answer that the Ford Company has managed to nearly double saving.

The Ford Fusion 2014 has an EPA rating of 47 mpg in the city as well as on the highway or even both. The car has an electrical motor and a gas engine, together they can boost 188 horsepower. If you use only an electrical power you can reach only 85 mph.

The Ford has implemented unique braking system that can not only accumulate 90% of the energy which is taking by the heat but transfer it on recharging the battery. It has not influenced the price of service, check the Oil Change oil change prices and coupons and make sure that it has the same service as other ordinary cars.

It has also 6-speed automatic transmission connected to the 1.5 liters four cylinder engine. The interior may vary because of the interior appearance packages introduced by the dealers. An Exterior is also can be modified with chrome parts, wheels of 16-19 inches, spoilers, moonroof and even a self-parking system.

Ford Fusion has also some significant safety improvements, it is equipped with a four-wheel antilock brake, airbags including front, side and from seats, blind spot warning indicators, and numerous cameras.