MINI Cooper Oil Change Cost

MINI Cooper Oil Change Cost

MINI Cooper oil change cost

MINI Cooper is considered by many as one of the most iconic cars in the world. The car brand gained its popularity after being shown in the movie The Italian Job. Despite all the popularity and positive feedbacks, this vehicle requires maintenance the same as any other vehicles.

One of important facts about a new MINI Cooper is that after the purchase you can change oil after first 36,000 miles or during the first 3 years free of charge. Afterward, you should be ready to pay for the car maintenance.

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MINI Cooper Oil Change Cost

It’s widely recommended to take MINI Cooper to dealership service center in case oil change or any other kind of maintenance is needed. Thus, you can expect professional and qualified mechanics with highest qualification. Please, have a look at the cost rates for MINI Cooper oil change in the chart below.

Besides, the official service center gives you an option to get Oil Change Plus upgrade. So your Micro Filter will be changed and its fluid levels will be checked.

Description Price
Synthetic $79.99
Plus Upgrade
– Replacement of Micro Filter
– Fluid Levels Checked

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How to save money on your MINI Cooper oil change

MINI Cooper Oil Change Cost

Compare the cost offered by local dealerships in your region, so you could find the best possible option for this service. Basically, the cost may vary from location to location, and from one service center to another one. Find each dealer’s website in Google and compare the cost! In addition, you can check available special deals, discounts and coupons which can leave your budget as safe as possible.

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MINI Cooper Oil Change Cost

MINI Cooper is a popular British car brand owned by BMW which produces small cars. From the year 1959 up to the year 2000, the company was just a small line of British cars produced by British Motor Corporation. The 20th century brought the popularity and turned the company into one of the most iconic cars. In the year 2000, BMW relaunched a new generation of MINIs which entered the market in July 2001. Since that moment, BMW has decided to continue manufacturing and selling MINI Cooper cars all over the world. The car is mainly recognized by many after the movie The Italian Job.

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