Meineke Oil Change Prices and Coupons

Meineke oil change prices

Meineke change prices coupons

Meineke oil change prices

Sam Meineke in 1971 founded a car care and automotive repair company that began in Houston, TX. After the partnership with Harold Nedell a businessman helped the company to turn his discount muffler store into a franchise.

Meineke prices coupons

Use coupons to reduce Meineke prices

After successful growth in 1980 the company relocated to North Carolina where got the new career stage and became a privately held company so now we call it Meineke Car Care Centers.

A huge amount of offering services are offered by Meineke Car Care Centers including tire, brake maintenance, A/C repair, and others by more than 900 stores all over the world.

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Meineke oil change service

Meineke change prices coupons

There are three types of Meineke oil change — get low prices on it with coupons

Choosing its oil change service you choose such oil change services as Basic, Preferred and Supreme type. The whole info about those services you can read below.

change prices coupons

Check out prices below

  • Basic type based on standard and generic oil. The prices of basic type reach $24.95 including the oil which your car needs, a new oil-filter and a tire pressure check.
  • Preferred type starts at $34.95 and means the higher quality oils and 23-point inspection of any other areas of the vehicle that has to be checked. Also, the service includes tire pressure, tires’ balance, and rotation checks.
  • Supreme type is for those vehicles who need the highest quality synthetic oils. The Supreme type has the same offered list as well as Preferred type but it uses longer lasting and more effective oils. Depending on how much of oil you need the Supreme type prices start at $54,95, but as it has been already said the prices can vary.

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Here are the prices:

Description Prices
Basic $24.95
Preferred $34.95
Supreme $54.95

Meineke oil change coupons and how to save money on your Meineke oil change?

prices coupons

How to get low prices? Coupons are the best way!

Every owner of the vehicle wants to save some money on oil change. That’s why they use different coupons and promotions that can reduce Meineke service cost. You should know that this company made their coupons and promotions system based on location.

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Find out more about Meineke and always use oil change coupons to reduce the prices

To check all current Meineke coupons and promotions you can just click here. Following the link, you will find out yourself at the Meineke promotions and offers page where is a possibility to enter your zipcode and get all info about currently ongoing coupons and promotions in your area. Get your chance!

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