Just Brakes Auto Care

Just Brakes Auto Care

Operating almost 35 years on the market, Just Brakes is the auto repair shop that is offering the wide range of total care services all over the United States. Apart from servicing brake systems, the company sets the emphasis on delivering high-quality services, no matter how hard the job routine may be. Just Brakes is not the largest Auto Care service on the market, but it definitely managed to carve out their niche within many local communities.

Just Brakes Auto Care

Bleed, Fill and Adjust Brake Brake Line Repair and Replacement
Rotor and Drum Resurfacing New Brake Hoses
Caliper Reconditioning and Replacement ABS Diagnosis and Repair
Wheel Cylinder Replacement Power Boosters
New Master Cylinders Parking Brake Service and Repair
Oil Changes Power Steering Service
Batteries Alignments
Bulbs Tire Balancing*
Wiper Blades Shocks and Struts
Tire Repair Suspension Service and Repair
Belts Hub and Bearing Repair
Air Filters Front End and Steering Repair
Cabin Air Filters Rear End Service and Replacement
Fuel System Cleaning CV Axles and Boots
Coolant and Radiator Fluids Differential Service

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More about Just Brakes Auto Care


These days, Just Brakes company is owned by a Dallas Investor Tom Hicks. Having taken over the company in the year 2013, the new owner managed to expand the service’s geography and develop some new service options. Now, Just Brakes Auto Care offers a wide range of services, from an oil change and battery service, to tire repair and strut replacements – everything required for the long functioning of your vehicle.

Along with high-quality services, Just Brakes Auto Care also includes shop fees, like many other shops. These fees are charged to cover the expenses on equipment, materials, and supplies, including lubricants, solvents, small nuts, bolts, washers, clamps, etc.

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These fees cover health and safety equipment that corresponds to the state and local labor laws. In addition, eye protection, disposal of contaminated mop water and protective gear expenses are also covered by fees included into the prices. This is nothing but a common practice, where Just Brakes Auto Care prefers to stay maximum transparent.

You may also be asked to pay a disposal charge when it comes to the certain range of services eligible for your vehicle. These charges serve as the safe tool against hazardous or regulated scrap/waste, including waste oil/filters, transmission fluid, scrap tires and antifreeze.

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