Jiffy Lube Wheat Ridge, Colorado Reviews

Jiffy Lube Wheat Ridge, Colorado Inspection Reviews

Rudolph Dalton: My father is a mechanic and has his own garage and I am thankful I was able to find another great garage like his. I was in the area for work when I got a flat tire and brought my car with the spare on it to Jiffy Lube. They were able to plug my tire and put it back on in a timely manner, with no heads up that I was coming in, which I am very thankful for as I had a long ride home back to NH. Very affordable and friendly staff.   

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Jiffy Lube Wheat Ridge, Colorado Cost Reviews

Jack Marwick: Peter and the staff at Jiffy Lube are terrific. They’re friendly, knowledgeable and they don’t overcharge or push you to do unnecessary or costly repairs that aren’t warranted. I’ve been taking my car there for years and will continue to do so and recommend the place to all my friends. Bonuses: one of the cutest shop dogs ever and a coffee shop across the street if you have to wait.

Walter Dawson: Bon is the man! Jiffy Lube is the only place I will go to have my car serviced. The techs have replaced my Subaru Baja’s engine, and the car runs beautifully. They do it all; oil changes, timing belts, engines, etc. The prices are more than fair and honest. Thanks, Bon!

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Edward McKinley: Sincere, honest mechanics.  What more could you ask for? Harry and the gang have helped us fix both our cars – each time taking us through their thought process.  I’ve never walked away from a transaction with them feeling ripped off or taking advantage of.  5 Stars and will continue using them!   

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