Jiffy Lube Stratford Connecticut reviews


Jiffy Lube printable coupons Stratford Connecticut reviews

Matthew Cobb: Just enough time for a stroll around the slope and a cafe at some hip new place and the car was ready. Right on time, OK actually they were about 5 min over the hour, and my windshield looked good as new. Now to pay!!!! I ran over a bunch of rebuttals to a higher price in my mind an went to see Joe. He opened with “which card do you want to use?” Having not seen any signs it was another pleasant surprise. Then he hit me with, “no problems with the install so its just what we discussed” and pulled out the receipt and exactly what he quoted. A quick exchange of cash, a receipt and a thanks, and I was on my way.

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Jiffy Lube coupons Stratford Connecticut reviews

Rodney Harrell: Jasper is the owner and he will take care of you. He is friendly, kind and honest. The work is always excellent and the turn around time fast. LOVE THE GUYS HERE! Don’t waste your time anywhere else.

Christopher Pope: I did break my dad’s bike so I brought it here in this shop, it’s amazing that my dad didn’t notice anything part that’s broke at all! great job guys!

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Jiffy Lube cost reviews of Stratford Connecticut

Stuart Rich: There was a huge problem with my ignition, but they smartly coped with it.

Brian Doyle: I can hardly imagine what they can’t fix. They can do everything!

Richard Cross: It took him about 1.5h to fix the large dent plus two creases that accompanied it. I watched him work and was extremely impressed by how carefully the guy worked and about the meticulous attention he paid to removing all signs of the dent… until he reached a result way beyond anything the nonprofessional eye could ever detect.

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