Jiffy Lube Roswell, Georgia Reviews

Jiffy Lube Roswell, Georgia Hours of Operation Reviews

Chris Bryant: I know the owner really nice guy will be happy to help you. Twenty years ago I went to Jiffy Lube with a problem my other mechanic had been trying to fix for 6 months. Peter had it diagnosed and fixed in 1 day and after finding it was a defective carburetor got it replaced for free. Needless to say, I have been a loyal and happy customer for many years. As I work in my car, I need help with any car trouble they are always able to work me in and get me back on the road.

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Jiffy Lube Roswell, Georgia Oil Change Reviews

Thomas Campbell: They offered to do a check up on my car which is 3 years old with 30k miles on it.  They gave me a list of things that needed replacing, most of which they said was option, except for the breaks.  They said my front brakes were completely gone, and I needed to replace my rotors and clean the caliper (or something) while they were at it. I declined and took my car to Jiffy Lube the next week. They told me my front brakes still had 70% of the pad left and the rotors were fine.  So instead of the mandatory "dangerous safety problem" that would have cost me about $450 at firestone, I spent $45 at Jiffy Lube (down in the Cape) doing optional maintenance on my rear brakes (mostly cleaning out some dust something that got in the drum something).  I will NEVER go here again. Great place and very reasonable. Always very friendly and accommodating. One of the best places for your every car’s need. Highly recommend them.

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Reviews of Jiffy Lube Roswell, Georgia Emissions

Matthew Robertson: Excellent service! Please stop by and keep these guys in business and give em a shot.

Richard Adams: I’m so grateful for their professional assistance.

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