JiffY Lube Longmont, Colorado Reviews

JiffY Lube Longmont, Colorado Discount Reviews

Anthony Byrd: Amazing service! As a visitor to Longmont for a couple of days, concern rose when I found an odd noise coming from my car after a trip to the mountains. Brought my car in right away. They thoroughly looked it over and found a very minor fix and at no charge to me! They took their time to explain everything and truly listen to my concerns. Best service I’ve had with a mechanic hands down!

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Reviews of JiffY Lube Longmont, Colorado Tune Up

Patrick Hutchinson: Friendly service, maybe over charging a little. I work across the street and was having problems starting my car. The mechanics at Jiffy Lube were over the same day and had my car fixed that same day for a fair price. I would highly recommend Jiffy Lube to anyone needing a mechanic in the area.

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Reviews of JiffY Lube Longmont, Colorado Inspection

Brice Miller: Worst service I have ever had. I do not recommend this place at all. Staff is so disrespectful. Was quoted $100 for a service, brought my vehicle in, was called back a couple hours later with a new quote of $495. After confronting the owner about the lie he then left my vehicle in their lot with the window down with the key in the ignition,right on sante fe where someone could walk up and take it. After confronting the owner about his unprofessional behavior he replied by saying its common practice and all the cars have the keys left in them, and they haven’t had a car stolen yet. Absolutely unacceptable.

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