Jiffy Lube Little Rock Arkansas reviews


Jiffy Lube tire Little Rock Arkansas reviews

Thomas Fowler: I needed service on my bike 2014 KTM Super Duke. My local dealer never even called back so I knew I wouldn’t be going there. I called Jiffy Lube and told them of my plight. I had a service light come on for my MTC (basically controls ABS, traction control etc.) and I had a trip coming up the next week. I had used up valuable time waiting for my local dealer to get back to me. Was there any way they could get me in to look at it? The service manager said to bring it in on Friday, “we can get you in at noon”. I arrived there promptly at noon and they pulled my bike right into the shop! Woohoo!

Jasper Cannon: I will probably go here from now on for service work in the nearer future.

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Jiffy Lube tire rotation Little Rock Arkansas reviews

Austin Murphy: From start to finish it was as painless and pleasant a process I could have hoped for. I can recommend them highly enough.

Roger Clarke: A broken window is bad enough but on a Sunday morning it’s worse. I was in at 9:30 and out in less than an hour. My car was well vacuumed and I was blessed to go.

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Tune up Jiffy Lube reviews of Little Rock Arkansas

Richard Flynn: It was fantastic! My old vehicle is still in a good shape. They fixed my issue after connecting it up to the KTM mother ship and even did an outstanding recall that I didn’t know about. I was out of there in an hour – no charge (even though my bike was just out of warranty! Super nice people, super great service! Very happy!

Matthew Robertson: I’ll definitely proceed with using their services in the future.

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