Jiffy Lube Kissimmee, Florida Reviews

Jiffy Lube Kissimmee, Florida Local Reviews

Mark Roberts: I can’t say enough good things about Jiffy Lube of Kissimmee. I first met Kim, Nicholas and the rest of the staff a couple of years ago during a snowstorm. My car was sliding all over the place on 93 and I had to get off the road. The Jiffy Lube sign was the first thing I saw off the exit, so I pulled in and asked for help. They kindly stored my car for me overnight (no charge), helped me get on a bus home to the Back Bay, and quickly put new snow tires on the car. I’ve been bringing my car there for everything ever since.

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Jiffy Lube Kissimmee, Florida Discount Reviews

Lee Simpson: Their work is excellent, their prices more than reasonable, and they are just super nice and honest people who go above and beyond to help (keeping my car for a few extra days while I’m traveling, etc.) I know very little about cars and could easily be taken advantage of – they’re too honest to even want to try. The facility is clean, professionally run, all the guys are nice and respectful, and they always take some time to talk with me when I drop off/pick up my car. I recommend them to my family and friends. 5 stars from me!          

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Reviews of Jiffy Lube Kissimmee, Florida Wheel Alignment

Osborne Weaver: Thomas quoted me a price on replacing the clutch in my CRV. He called me a couple hours after I had Agreed to the price to tell me it would be less than half what he had said. This was with full knowledge that the car was next to impossible to move. Such honesty is hard to find in a good friend let alone a mechanic. I won’t take my car anywhere else.

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