Jiffy Lube Gilbert, Arizona Reviews

Jiffy Lube Gilbert, Arizona Oil Change Reviews

David Johnston: I am somewhat surprised this place gets such poor reviews.  I brought my car in on a Tuesday 8AM, didn’t wait, and they were done replacing my tires by 10AM.  They also answer the phone.  Anyway I have bought my last 4 sets of tires at Jiffy Lube, and while the experience is not always perfect, would use them again.

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Jiffy Lube Gilbert, Arizona Emissions Reviews

Jonas Leonard: Knowledgeable and helpful staff.  Accommodating in giving you a lower price for replacing a damaged costco tire that still had tread on it.  Only inconvenience is that they insist that the card holder be present to repair/replace tires.  I asked my son to take the receipt and the Jiffy Lube card used to purchase the tires and they refused to replace them unless I was physically present.  That’s a inconvenience and the only reason I didn’t give 5 stars.

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Jiffy Lube Gilbert, Arizona Battery Replacement Reviews

Charles Ball: I purchased a set of All terrain tires for my 1998 Chevy Suburban at Jiffy Lube in Gilbert, AZ. Before even getting to the Highway a wheel weights fell off. The manager had the crew redo all the wheel balancing. In retaliation for catching their bad work they did not torque the lug nuts on the front right wheel. Three lug nut studs stripped out requiring the lug nuts to need to be cut off to remove the wheel. The wheel hub was ruined along with the 8 studs and lug nuts. Jiffy Lube’s so called expert blamed it on rust and metal fatigue and everything else except their employee not torquing the lug nuts. I am glad the wheel did not fall off at some point and kill my family. And I will never be buying anything ever again from Jiffy Lube.

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