Jiffy Lube Fayetteville, Georgia Reviews

Jiffy Lube Fayetteville, Georgia Local Reviews

Michael Johnson: Looking for a mechanic? These are your guys. They’re friendly, professional, won’t try to take your entire savings, are quick, and thorough! I didn’t think mechanics like this existed. A true gem of the area, if not the state.

Eric Brighton: I do most work myself, but needed my tires changed and balanced. Not only did they get it done as soon as my tires came in, they also cleaned up my rims in the process! The guys at Fran’s really go the extra mile to do things right.

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Jiffy Lube Fayetteville, Georgia Discount Reviews

Andrew Springfield: It’s not often you see a place with a 5 star rating from every reviewer; I think that speaks for itself. Just go! We have a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan with 120,000 miles on it.  After having Gary’s fix a few oil leaks 2-3 years ago, AND having them not start leaking again, Gary’s is the only shop that works on our van!  Jiffy Lube always strives to find a cost effective solution to our needs.  And Eric, the owner, has always been honest with me about what was wrong with the vehicle and what we should do to fix it.  The latest issue was a loss of acceleration.  Eric said we can do a more expensive fuel injector cleaning, or you can try this can of 44K fuel additive first.  The 44K worked and saved me money!  I have recommended Jiffy Lube to my friends and coworkers.  My thanks to Eric and his team! 

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Jiffy Lube Fayetteville, Georgia Tune Up Reviews

Dorothy Simmons: Great service and care from Jiffy Lube! Great service!

Tom Spears: New to the area.  Thankful to find a trustworthy auto shop. 

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