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Jiify Lube Fairbanks, Alaska Wheel Alignment Reviews

The owner Jim is not honest at all. He quoted me one price and totally charged me way more.. Like $300 more than the original estimate. First he said that I needed to only replace 1 cylinder, than without my permission replaced all 4. I felt lied too and deceived. My money is important to me.

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Just when to look at the new smart center in Fairbanks, I’d seen the cars in Europe for years. The center, according to Brand manager Bon,  has delivered close to 50+ smarts to buyers since opening in Late Jan 2008. Cool car take a test drive they are free and it a pretty remarkable car if it fits your lifestyle. They really are a micro car which seems perfect for Alaska. We spent about 10 min driving around SOMA and the smart handled well, its not a Lincoln towncar or a porche but don’t buy one if that’s what your looking for. Very cool and easy on the budget as well. From what I have heard there is a large waiting list for these but the day I was there someone cancelled thus there was an opportunity to get one…. I think I missed a good opportunity!

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I had a "67 vette restored by Jiffy Lube. Sam did a wonderful job!  He personally worked on the entire project and did not "sub" it out to anyone less qualified than himself.  He is meticulous and painstakingly thorough.  I plan to have him do some work on another corvette that I am in the process of buying.  He is by far the most knowledgeable person I have ever met on the subject of corvette restoration.  I look forward to his work in the future and would recommend him to anyone!

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