Jiffy Lube Dover, Delaware Reviews

Jiffy Lube Dover, Delaware Pricing Reviews

David Mills: Very knowledgeable and quick working guys.  Not only do they clean your car to the point that it looks brand new (interior + exterior), they do great work for reasonable prices.  These guys are the most honest in the business! *update- after this review they did call to apologize, which I appreciated. I still would not go back though.I really wanted to like this place because it was conveniently located by my office.

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Jiffy Lube Dover, Delaware Hours of Operation Reviews

Francis Norton: I can’t trust them to perform even the simplest of tasks, and they put me in an unsafe situation. After they missed a step on a routine check-up, which ultimately lead to a flat tire the following day, I decided to give them another chance since everyone messes up sometimes. The next time I went in for a routine service (oil chance and tire rotation), they failed to put all the lug nuts back on my tires. Super dangerous! After informing them, they said I could come in anytime after 9 to get it taken care of. When I came in, they did not have what they needed to fix it (even though they supposedly had gotten the part when I talked to them earlier). They sent me away and told me they’d call when the part came in. I ended up having to call them. Ultimately my safety was put at risk, and it took half a dozen phone calls and three separate trips for what should have been the simplest of services. To top it off, they didn’t even take responsibility or apologize.

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Jiffy Lube Dover, Delaware Discount Reviews

Robert Fields: Fast and Great! They are honest, fair, truthful. And there I thought this doesn’t exist anymore. I’ll be back!

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