Jiffy Lube Danbury, Connecticut Reviews

Jiffy Lube Danbury, Connecticut Pricing Reviews

Andrew Mitchell: I stopped by this morning to get a quick oil change and emissions test and they were great. I even asked if I could leave the car and come pick it up after hours, so accommodating. The price point was attractive compared to other shops. Thanks Jiffy Lube! I am thoroughly impressed with Jiffy Lube. Friendly, down to earth and honest!

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Jiffy Lube Danbury, Connecticut Emissions Reviews

Simon Wright: Great service.     Had dropped my f150 off to have it checked for what I thought was a small exhaust leak causing a faint ticking noise. Although nothing was found, they waived the diagnostic fee and told me to come back if the sound worsened and could be heard. I find that to be a very respectable business practice, and will definitely return for other work.

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Jiffy Lube Danbury, Connecticut Transmission Reviews

Arthur Donovan: Go to Fran’s near Andrew and they won’t rip you off. I can’t say enough great things about Jiffy Lube!  I received an estimate at another body shop to get my rear bumper replaced and told me they wouldn’t be able to get my car in for a month and a half. After that, I searched on Google and found Jiffy Lube and the great reviews, so I took my car in for an estimate, and Dave at Jiffy Lube estimated it would be $150 cheaper than my first estimate, and they said they could have it done by the end of the week! They did a phenomenal job and had my car back to me very quickly. If I went with the other company, I would still be waiting a month to even take my car in – who knows how long they would keep it! If you’re looking to have work done on your car this is the place to go!

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