Jiffy Lube Conyers, Georgia Reviews

Jiffy Lube Conyers, Georgia Pricing Reviews

George Rice: Excellent customer service!!! Paul is the man, had broken my right lower control arm, had it towed to Jiffy Lube, the tow company broke my radiator while trying to tow it the wrong way, Jiffy Lube fixed my control arm at a great price. The tow company than didn’t want to put a new radiator in my car because it was 10 years old, and offered to put a used one in at there unlicensed shop, and the fight began. After arguing with the tow company, I called Jiffy Lube and told them what happen, Paul took over, and after getting no where with the tow company, he put a new one in for FREE, now that’s customer service……..Thanks, Paul.

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Jiffy Lube Conyers, Georgia Online Coupons Reviews

Robert Reynolds: Sometimes they get backed up and you’ll have to wait a while for your car to be seen with an appointment so I suggest going during an off-peak period. Prices aren’t too bad. They have coupons and sales sometimes to cut the sting of car repair service. The area is small and the seats are uncomfortable for the long waits.

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Reviews of Jiffy Lube Conyers, Georgia Emissions

Dick Small: Very fast oil change done in under 30 minutes!          I’m sorry that you were disappointed with our phone conversation, but I certainly did not intend to be rude to you. You asked if we charged a diagnostic fee, and when I explained that we did, and that the fee applied towards any repairs that are necessary, you wanted me to diagnose your car problems over the phone. We don’t do that because it is impossible to arrive at an accurate diagnoses without looking at the vehicle.  We have never worked on your car, but we have many, many, satisfied customers.  I hope that you find an auto repair shop that is a good fit for you.

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