Jiffy Lube Bonita Springs, Florida Reviews

Jiffy Lube Bonita Springs, Florida Prices Reviews

Peter Hall: After reading through excellent positive comments, I went this place to have them check the issue in my car. He did good service. I wanted to give 5 stars. However, I took one star off bcoz he charged me more for labour than what he quoted for the repair bcoz I had the parts bought already myself. I didn’t like this inconsistent pricing. He was honest enough to tell me that he makes money from the parts when he order for customer and now I am screwing him. I called for an estimate on a repair and the guy that answered seemed like I was bothering him.  He questioned how I knew what was wrong with car and wouldn’t give me a price for even the parts he was going to use. He stated that he had another customer and would call me back but never did. I guess they didn’t need my business. 

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Jiffy Lube Bonita Springs, Florida Tune Up Reviews

Tom Edison: I am normally very cynical when it comes to auto shops due to negative experiences in the past, but to say I was surprised with the quality of service at Jiffy Lube is an understatement. By 5:45 pm, I was back on the road with my car working perfectly, averting hours of waiting for AAA, a wasted weekend, and potentially hundreds of dollars in repair. The entire ordeal cost me only about $50, a more than fair price for the quality of service I received. Jiffy Lube is a rare gem and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for car maintenance.

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Jiffy Lube Bonita Springs, Florida Tire Rotation Reviews

Dorothy White: Thank you again, Peter, and everyone at Jiffy Lube!

Walter Watson: I will get back anyway!

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