Jiffy Lube Azusa California reviews


Azusa California discount Jiffy Lube reviews

Leonard Roberts: My car got broken into, breaking the front passenger window. Glass all over the front seat. I drove up to Jiffy Lube. I was greeted and given a quote. Their price was quote was $119. My insurance recommended another place and their quote was $249. They were done in about an hour, cleaned all the glass. My window goes up and down. Great service and nice people!

Richard Lloyd: You’re the smartest service ever! I’ll call you later.

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Azusa California cheap services Jiffy Lube reviews

Christopher Morrison: Over the phone, Brian asked for the make, model, and year of the car (which really made it not worth breaking into and I appreciate that they didn’t laugh) and gave me a guaranteed rate quote of $95 (a blessing since it was coming out of pocket). They let me know that if I could get the car in before 6:00 p.m. they would fix it the same day.

Paul Hancock: One small flaw though. When I dropped the car off, they didn’t tell me how long it was going to be. I sat in the waiting room only informed by previous reviews how quick they were. As has been pointed out in other reviews, the waiting room leaves much to be desired in the way of entertainment or even a working water dispenser. But if that’s how they keep the cost down, more power to them.

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Azusa California tire discount Jiffy Lube reviews

Russell Porter: My car window broken in late evening, i call around and found power auto glass offered a great price than others in the bay, An installer came to me in the morning and got work done perfectly and clean up all glass. Great work!

Gabriel Nash: Don’t you mind asking you for help again?

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