Jiffy Lube Apple Valley California reviews


Local Jiffy Lube reviews of cheap services Apple Valley California

Julie Osborne: I had visited this location for a routine maintenance checkup. The service was efficient, the staff courteous and informative, the lounge was comfortable, quiet, and had Wi-Fi. Overall they provided a value-added service with their utmost professionalism. My best wishes to them.

Anthony Evans: My brief experience here was good. They were convenient about appointments and prompt. They did a little extra work on my brake system for free and helped me with some recall issues. So the service was solid and very friendly.

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Affordable Jiffy Lube services Apple Valley California reviews

Susan Holt: Now twice I’ve had my car windows replaced here…Once for a cracked windshield, and a few weeks ago for a broken window (I was burglarized!!). Angry and impatient, I called Jiffy Lube on a Sunday afternoon. Luckily, they helped me.

Franklin Jenkins: My experience with these guys was amazing – Mike was especially helpful and very professional and fast.

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Jiffy Lube price reviews of Apple Valley California

Brian Green: When I arrived to drop my car early in the morning, I met up with Jake and asked him why is it that the cost of the oil change so low, and his response was that we get a special treatment as a Valued Customer since I bought the car from there. He was very professional and pleasant to work with, I trusted him and felt comfortable with his ethics.

Ruth Walton: They fixed my smashed in passenger window, cleaned all the glass off the seats & cleaned all the carpeting, at 9:00am on a Sunday morning. I was so happy they were open & near my home. They did good work at a low price, and it took only 40 minutes. Excellent service.

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