Jiffy Lube Anchorage Alaska reviews


Reviews of Jiffy Lube operating hours Anchorage Alaska

William Stephens: I do not understand how anyone could have a bad review of this shop. I have been riding 30,000 + miles a year for about 40 years. I have 9 motorcycles dirt and street. I wore out a 950 SM KTM (100,000 plus miles) and bought another one. It’s the best shop on the planet.

Harvey Pitts: They have everything I need in stock, not to mention they remember my name and face, while their prices are fair.

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Reviews of Jiffy Lube discount Anchorage Alaska

Elvin Eaton: Magnificent, excellent, top quality service, and outcome is what you get from Jiffy Lube. It has trained all his personnel to be as courteous and concerned about those qualities as he is. There’s no doubt about it. It’s a culture throughout all the shop. Each one of them greets you and assists you as if they were part owners of the business. The end result in the automobile is excellent. I will continue to go there when needed.

Robert Underwood: That’s amazing, but everyone from a manager down to their mechanics cared about what they were doing and, when I picked it up, they were actually proud of their job (rightfully so).

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Anchorage Alaska wheel alignment Jiffy Lube reviews

Charles Washington: I live very near here and am here often, The prices are very fair, the staff is very friendly, and the selection is very fair. My one complaint is the obnoxious amount of teenagers around, but then they’re near a school, so it’s not really their fault.

Mary Armstrong: I can’t express how cool they are. It feels like they’re afraid of charging me a lot.

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