Jiffy Lube Alhambra, California Reviews

Reviews of Jiffy Lube Alhambra, California Local

Gerald Jenkins: It was my first time going there cause my friend recommended them. They handled my car very professionally.  They changed the brakes and the rotors in timely manner. Prices are very decent. They did great job. The owner detailed my car for free. usually costs $95 I will go back for sure.  Their place is clean. They offered specialty coffee, candy for my daughter. even bottle of water to go.

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Jiffy Lube Alhambra, California R Hours of Operation eviews

Peter Johns: Great service, friendly staff and affordable prices! I have been taking my Jeep to Jiffy Lube for 16 years. It has 203,000 on it and is still going strong thanks to the great work they do.  I just got tires from them too, and they are great! I would strongly recommend them, they just do the work you need without trying to sell you a bunch of extra stuff. Their prices are good and when they fix something, it’s fixed right.  Super nice guys too, I will never go anywhere else!

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Jiffy Lube Alhambra, California Discount Reviews

Edwin Lang: We are really sorry that you thought of us this way, just to inform you that we hate failing vehicles, and if your vehicle was failed that means it really had an issue. You also could have called the registry of motor vehicle and they would have came and inspect it them selves just to confirm an issue. We hope you took it to a certified repair shop not any shop. Again sorry that you thought of us this way. Great service.  Honest price.  Will be back for more work On my Kia When needed.

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