Firestone Brakes

Firestone Brakes

Brakes Brake service

Firestone Brakes: Why might I need a brake service?

It is completely clear that not looking at what car you have (from a Subaru to a Mercedes-Benz), every of a vehicle has its braking system. The braking system is considered to be one of the most critical functioning parts on any of cars, plus to that, it is completely clear without any doubt that it has to be in a possible working condition for your safety and those people around you.

The very important thing is to make a regular maintenance on your brake pads and the rest of the braking system. And this is where Firestone appears in – you should know that Firestone brake service is considered to be a high quality service, and at the same time to be flexible in price. So go ahead and check a list of the latest Firestone brake service prices below – we prepared it special for you!

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Brakes brake service

Firestone brake service. Here are brakes prices below

Below are the latest regular Firestone brakes prices:

First what you should know is that Firestone brake pad inspection is for free.

Firestone Brake Pad Service:

  • $100-120 per axle (depending on the type of the vehicle) including set of brake pads(parts) installation and rotors resurface.
  • $200-250 – in case if you need both front and back brake pads

Note: Firestone doesn’t install brake pads that are not purchased from them, so it is clear if you want to install your new brake pads you just have to buy these brake pads from Firestone, and they will install them. Though, it is impossible to buy pads online or from another auto parts store and bring them to Firestone for installing. They won’t do it!

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Why might I need a Firestone brake service?

Brakes brake service

Why might I need a Firestone brake service? Check out more about breaks

One thing that is very important for every owner of the vehicle is a regular maintenance, but not all Firestone brakes wear evenly or even the same amount of time. In case if you are a city driver that means you will need more frequent brake service than a highway driver, plus to all the size and model of your car can make an effect on it as well. Don’t wait too long and bring your vehicle to replace your brakes or for having them being serviced!

How to save money on your Firestone brakes?

Brakes brake service

How to save money on brake service? Check Firestone brakes website for coupons

Check brakes service website for coupons, offers, and special deals! This is the quickest, easiest and the most simple way to save your money on Firestone brakes. As they almost all the time run some promotions, you have good chances to save your money on brakes service!

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