How to Disconnect Car Battery

Before you disconnect car battery — take some steps

This procedure requires some preparation. First of all, you need to protect yourself with putting on a pair of safety gloves and goggles. Then you have to check the ignition – it must be turned off. Make sure that there is no gas or other dangerous liquids in near.

Step 1: Disconnect negative car battery

For many drivers, it is unclear why it is required to remove the negative terminal first. The answer is: simple, if you change the order and remove the positive clamp first, you have a higher risk to make a short circuit. When you put away the positive clam and accidentally touch the car body you may cause the fire, so you should do the cable removal properly.

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Step 2: Disconnect positive terminal car battery

After removing the negative clam, do the same with a positive one. Usually it is colored red, otherwise, you have to check it in the manual or on the battery itself. To remove it carefully and in a correct way, you might need a wrench or some other tools.

Continue with your work

When you have all cables disconnected, you can continue work on your car safely. When you finish the service you have to reconnect the battery, you should do it in reverse order which we have mentioned previously.

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