DC5 type r cluster

DC5 Cluster in DC2 dc5 type r cluster quorum

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What`s up guys. Couple months ago I`ve worked on a few DC  integras and people told me that it`s possible to swap clusters from type R to a GS/LS. So I wondered how hard it could be to make it happen and what are my options when it comes to a DC5 (RSX). Maybe another cluster could fit this car?

I was thinking about is it possible to put an S2K cluster in it and that`s what I got after a month of a trying. So people that`s my be-aware-list if you ever about to do the same.

DC5 Cluster in DC2 dc5 type r cluster trucks

The whole wiring process was a total nightmare. The DC% cluster doesn’t work the same way as the conventional clusters do. If you wanna do this, the number one thing that you gonna need is the multiplexer unit from a K-series ECU. The engine vitals go to the ECU first and then go through an optical line to the cluster.

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DC5 Cluster in DC2 dc5 type r cluster hot

Trust me guys, `cause now I know for sure that for you it will be a pain in the neck trying to make this cluster work in a Integra chassis. That is unless you already have a k-swap which I suppose none of you have. That`s you ever want to turn the van into something extra crazy you`d better buy the overseas Integra. The S2000 cluster doesn’t look that great to me though.

What would you people feel

DC5 Cluster in DC2 dc5 type r cluster quorum

So as you may suggest I rejected the idea to turn my van into something. So a few weeks later I searched the whole internet, read some articles and I`ve a perfect transformation of R cluster! It was really nice. The dude said it came out off the RSX so wait for updates and read more on thecarconnection.com.

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DC5 Cluster in DC2 dc5 type r cluster 2012