The Chevrolet Mini Concept Car Survey


The Chevrolet Company has worked hard in 2007-2008 years and produced some interesting concept cars. All of them were designed by the GM Daewoo Company in South Korea. Trax, Groove as well as the Beat were equipped with the 1L gas engines with a maximum speed of 105 mph.

What is more attractive is that these concepts do not require much service, just browse for the cheapest place to get an oil change, go there and ask whether city cars need special care and you will hear that there are no problems with service.

The Groove, Trax and Beat were reviewed by the General Motors to popularize the projects and to make an opened vote on the vote for Chevrolet website.

Now we will tell about all concepts briefly:

Trax: this model is a four-door wagon with a small low-consuming 1L engine with 3 cylinders. It makes an impression of a micro SUV, the developers say that this concept is a perfect choice for city dwellers who do not hesitate to have the off-road holidays outside of the city. It seems that the image could enhance the characteristics, still, it is not so powerful as you may think.

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Groove: the design is described as for a mini car but big for presence. The concept was created by the Jawook Koo, a member of the General Motors Design Center in South Korea. It is stuffed with the same components as Trax and Beat, it differs only with its exterior and some elements of the interior. Jawook Koo wanted to make an image of a safe car, hide its weaknesses and that is why the concept of a mini car has turned into a modern hot-rod car.

Beat: this concept won the vote and was slated for the production. Since that time the car evolved and now it has totally different features. The decision was made adhering to experienced drivers and professionals. If you are one of them you must know that the Firestone synthetic oil change price is the lowest on the service market.