Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

So we have early 1980’s when personal cars have started being manufactured with computers for controlling a lot of engine and electrical functions that the vehicle possessed. With the same step as technology did, the advent of the malfunction indicator lamp came into our lives, knows as the Check Engine Light.

Being served as a notification of main problems, the malfunction indicator lamp shows such issues as a broken gas cap seal, low catalytic converter efficiency, and other potential issues. After the solving the showed up an issue, the check engine light is possible to be reset or/and turned off.

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Check Engine Light Prices

Such Auto parts stores like AutoZone, Auto Parts, and Pep Boys will make your check engine light scanning for free. But for some new luxury cars only the manufacturer service center can check the code.

In case if you need the manufacturer service center for checking the code and plus to that your car’s guaranty has expired, then you have to be prepared to pay near $100-250 them scanning your check engine light.

Though, the price will also depend on the manufacturer. For the owners of luxury cars, it will cost more expensive. So, now you need your check engine light? Just call to your local auto parts store and ask them if they are able to scan engine light codes for your vehicle(year make and model). Do you get the “yes” answer? Great, you will get your scan for free, but in the case of “no, you will have to pay your service center for them checking.

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OBD and OBD-II Malfunction Indicator Lamp Standards

When it was the beginning of the 1990s, the OBD (On Board Diagnostic) system was considered to be the standard for engine self-diagnosis systems. These old systems were giving the opportunity and possibilities to read the fault code without any expensive scanning tool. Though, there was one “but” – such system was dependent on the model of vehicle and as a result was not always possible. It brought a fact that the system became outdated, and it caused OBD-II appeared in new vehicles.

Even at the present time, OBD-II is the standard in vehicles whole over the world, requiring a sophisticated and expensive scanning tool in order to read fault codes. OBD-II allows determining more of and in more details rather than the original OBD system. In fact, some modern cars have a dashboard computer panel, but even though it is possible to read the check engine light fault codes and even more – it is possible as well to do a full engine self-diagnostic from the console directly. Some countries and regions have made their own systems, for example, the European EOBD or the Austrian ADRR 79/02.

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