Bad Spark Plug Symptoms and Spark Plug Tester

Bad Spark Plug Symptoms and Spark Plug Tester


One thing became usual the other days, and it is spark plugs which are one of those ones that often times get neglected and for a good reason. In fact, most spark plugs last anywhere from 60,000 to 100,000 miles! Remember that for avoiding big repair bills you should know about bad spark plugs symptoms, so it is important to check them regularly so in this case they can notice when one or more of their spark plugs are in bad condition. You can check a list of bad spark plug symptoms below!

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Bad Spark Plug Symptoms


1 – Car can’t start. A lot of people find out about bad spark plugs in that time when they can’t make the car start. It is normal thing that in this case when car can’t start people usually think it is the battery or bad alternator but as the practice shows, it turns out to be bad spark plugs
2 – Engine has rough idle. When you turn on your car and as a result, it is producing a rough and jittery sound, that means your plugs may be dirty or bad.
3 – Engine Misfire. Your engine misfires and your car halts for a second? It might be caused cos of bad spark in one of your cylinders.
4 – Your MPG is lower than usual. Actually, there can be lots of reasons why your vehicle isn’t running as efficiently as it did before, but in fact, one of the reason can be and spark plugs
5 – Lack of acceleration. You stepped on the gas but a car didn’t respond? Or maybe it feels sluggish when you drive it? Yes, it is time to replace spark plugs.

Spark Plug Tester


In case if after reading those bad spark plugs symptoms you have feeling that you have really some of them, that means only one – yes, it is time to test your spark plugs with spark plug tester. Of course, you can easily ask then why not to change them, why you should test.

We can call you the reason why you should not be in a hurry with changing the spark plugs, and this reason is that fact that all those symptoms that were mentioned above could be caused also by other issues.

So you can easily test your spark plugs by buying a spark plug tester at your local auto parts store (it can take you only $7.99).


As another way you can bring your car to the local mechanic and have them been tested, most of them will test it for free. And in case if your spark plugs really are in the bad condition they will replace the mass it is cheap service. For most cars, each spark plug costs about $8-15 and you will need a spark plug for each cylinder on your car. If your car has 4 cylinders then you will need 4 if it is a 6 cylinder car then you will need 6.

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