Audi Oil Change Prices

Audi oil change prices

Audi Oil Change Prices

Okay, if you are here that means you’ve made a step into Audi world, and now you are an owner of Audi vehicle. Yes, it’s time to get oil change. Now here is a question: “Where should I bring my luxury Audi car for its maintenance and service?” First of all, you have to decide what your car is worth to you – Audi cars are completely tuned machines and not everyone can work on it.

We advise you, of course, to bring your car only to your local manufacturer’s dealership to be sure you get the highest possible quality of service what will cause the longest life of your car.

If you doubt because of prices, then you can be sure you pay for a peace of mind that will not make you feel unfair in the future when you get the results of service. Check the list of Audi oil change prices below.

But, please, note and keep in mind that most new Audi cars need Full Synthetic Oil change. Only in the case of older models, you can use a conventional oil change, though, older models over 100,000 miles should be using at least Synthetic Blend due to high mileage on the car. So here is the prices list:

Type of Service Prices
Conventional $47.99
Synthetic Blend $69.99
Full Synthetic
-depends on engine size

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How to save money on your Audi oil change

We all know that Audi oil change service is not a cheap thing, especially in case if you have a higher end model that needs a full synthetic oil change. So for saving money, we advise you to check every local Audi dealership before bringing your vehicle to any of them. Why? Well, because they do some specials and promotions. It can be done in the most easier way – by a few clicks in your local dealerships websites via Internet. This is your best chance to reduce the prices and save your money on oil change service.

More about Audi

Let’s come back to the year 1885 when the German automobile company Audi roots put their beginning with the creation of Wanderer. After some time the company became a branch of Audi. Though, you should know that Audi Automobilwerke was formed in 1910. In the same year, Audi represented their first model – the Type A Sport-Phaeton. The ownership of the brand has been changed a lot of time during 100+ years. At the present time, the are owned by the Volkswagen Group since 1966. Also being based in Germany, The Volkswagen Group owns a lot of the world’s biggest and most famous luxury car brands.

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